Jessica of All Trades

Posted on March 9th, 2018
Jessica has been with Greenjeans for almost nine months. In that short amount of time she has managed to dip her toe in and excel in every corner of the horticulture business. She has led designs on new contracts, helped clients get exactly what they were looking for in sales, covered our horticulturalists on vacation, while diagnosing a variety of plant ailments. She has signifigantly contributed to the sucess of our Living Wall team, and powered through our non stop crazy Christmas season, all with unshakable enthusiasm. We have really started to wonder how we survive 21 years without her.

Being Jessica

What made you decide to get into Horticulture?
 I wanted to change careers and took a personality test that suggests what kind of professions are best suited to you. Horticulture stuck out on the list and I started researching horticulture programs in my area. The types of courses available really interested me and so I decided to apply.
Where did you study?
I studied Horticulural Industries at Algonquin College in Ottawa.
What role do you play at Greenjeans?
 My title is sales and horticulture support. I’ve had the opportunity to work in many departments such as interior plant care, living wall care, sales, and warehouse operations.
What do you wish more people knew about plants?
Water is not the cure for everything.
What is your favourite thing about working for Greenjeans?
The variety of projects I’ve gotten to work on, and the wealth of knowledge that is available to me.
Where do you see Greenjeans going over the next 10 years?
Well if the current trend continues, Greenjeans will only continue to grow and be successful.
Thanks, Jessica! We certainly hope so!
If you see yourself becoming a horticultural technician in this growing business please contact us today!
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