Galleria Condominiums

Posted on July 4th, 2018

Do you ever walk by a plantscape and think; gosh I’d love to just live here? What if you did? Greenjeans works with the Galleria Condominiums on 99th Ave. If you ever get the chance the common atrium space is beautiful to be in. The high glass ceiling, the glistening pebble floor and of course our plants. The water fountain enchants you into a meditative trance. It’s a beautiful place to spend the day playing in the soil. 

We have been working with Galleria for many years. This year they have had the ceiling redone and the plants are oh so happy. With a crystal, clear new atrium comes a  new plant redesign. We got our Darlene on the job (see Bugs and Bouquets to learn more about Darlene). She and our service manager Shelia plotted out and executed a total revamp, and our techs learned a ton in the process. 

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A lot of what we did with Galleria was moving and rehabilitation. Our techs learned a patience with plants not often afforded them in office settings. If you only have one plant in a cubicle area we are going to do our best to make sure that plant is at its best as often as possible. In an atrium space, there are so many other plants that some weak ones is not an eyesore.  Aglaonemas were a big project for the techs. Many had become very spindly in the construction phase of the revamp. Upon transplanting, we gave them good shots of Root Boost and watered them extremely thoroughly. A lot of us thought it was too much water even but we came to understand Darlene was right! Our sad little aglaonemas started growing new healthy leaves little by little. 

We also did a revamp on the soil. What had been initially installed into the Galleria had a high clay content and would not drain appropriately. Also, salts from years of fertilizing had all risen to the top which looked poor. we scraped off the salts and mixed in our lighter growing medium. The result was obvious immediately the soil refresh gave the space a much crisper look, and the plants perked up significantly. 

Greenjeans is lucky to have a breadth of experience from all of our team members who contribute to our team’s ability to excel in a variety plantscape installations. 

Contact us to learn how we can revamp your space with a little extra life! 

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