A Day in the Life of a Horticulturalist

Posted on January 19th, 2018

People often ask our Horticulturalists what their day is like – whether it’s hard on the really cold days, and what is in that tank?!

Also for all, you Biophiles out there dreaming of a job at Greenjeans, here is an insider look at what these people in the purple polos really do!

Getting Started

Something our Horticulturalists love about their job is the flexibility in work hours. Convenient for working moms needing to drop off their kids. Or some of our Horticulturalists need to soak up an extra half hour of sunlight by starting early. Whatever time you have worked out with our Service Manager, Shelia, we clock in when we arrive on site of our first contract.

Greenjeans uses a mobile app called Exak Time to keep track of the hours spent at various locations. No paper required! Then we sign into reception or get a building pass, fill up our watering cans or water tank (sorry folks it’s just water in those big things!) and set out for our first plant.


Horticulturalists carry on their person a tool belt full of useful devices. We always have baby wipes on us, because they are great for wiping off pests making a home. Swiffer refills to dust plants, helping them make the best of any sunlight and keeping them shiny. A technician’s most valuable tool is the probe. Not available for purchase inside the country, the probe is the tool we are most attached to. A long red stick with little slits allows us to sample the soil at various depths of a plant’s pot. Very important information for making a judgment call on water requirements. It’s our secret weapon.

We work our way through all the plants on a floor, in a building, or sometimes several buildings in a day. Sometimes our horticulturalists will spend a couple days in the same atrium because there are so many plants needing a little love, or so many pests needing reining in.


Horticulturalists have a two-week schedule they rotate around, and everyone different. Edmonton City Centre sees our horticulturalists for half of every week, but Edmonton International Airport sees a technician one week for the wall and the following week for the plants along the corridor.

Most of our tropical plants popular for indoors are accustomed and require a period of drying out. Years back, when we switched from every week to every other week, we had a dramatic improvement in plant lifespans because apparently there is such a thing as too much love!

If you enjoy a job full of variety, plants, independence and, satisfaction, Greenjeans might be just the place for you.

Check out our Careers page for more information on applying for a job at Greenjeans

Stay tuned for a blog post about Wall Technicians, coming soon!


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