Christmas at Greenjeans!

Posted on January 5th, 2018

It’s been another lovely Christmas Season, at Greenjeans and throughout Edmonton. We are so grateful for the opportunity to spread the spirit! Delighted our city is full of creative souls excited about a chic modern Christmas Tree!


To some people, it’s just not Christmas if it’s not Poinsettia. We will be frank- Poinsettia are NEEDY! Wiltting at the slightest dryness, but also susceptible to dying from overwatering. Our Techs water a fine line with this foliage. Somehow our wizard Horticulturalists kept these, now dubbed “Red Devils”, in tip-top shape into the New Year. We are very proud of our dedicated team!

We have started introducing decorated red Antirums as an alternative to the dramatic classic.


For centuries we have been celebrating the winter season as a way to brighten up the darkest months. Our team relished the opportunity to expand the winter colour palette. Lime green, bright blues and purples found among the reds and greens. Building after building exhibited pops of colour, challenging the traditional.

From ATB


Tropical plants, vibrant colours, and Xmas decor. Warming hearts and expanded the possibilities.

We didn’t forget the outdoors! Sometimes all you can do in -30 is focus on something beautiful and we hope our Forest displays helped!

If you would like to surround your workspace with our Holiday Designs next year, please contact us!



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