Bugs and Bouquets, Getting to Know Darlene

Posted on June 15th, 2018

Darlene is one of the people at Greenjeans whom we people in the purple polos clamour to work with. Our team connects not just with their job, but also through their hobby-which happens to also be the job. Darlene has worked with plants in many different settings for years, and offers a great breadth of knowledge. She’s also been known to drop scale insects into a newbie’s hand and then with a macro lens show them the creepy crawlers.

Working with her is an opportunity to forage gems of knowledge that can change the way you work. For instance, recently a team working with Darlene learned the impact of finding the plant’s face. Plants will point all available foliage towards a strong light source for efficient feeding. This creates a recognizable “good” side on many plants, turn this to face your audience, and your display really pops!  A revelation for our team.

A Biophile is Born

Darlene knew at a young age she was a biophile. ” I always loved playing in the soil, the smell of the soil and the autumn” – loving and following the rhythm of the seasons. She attended Olds College for two years and quickly got to work at a variety of jobs in the field. From spraying Round-Up for the provincial government to doing macro and micro nutrients analysis on the soil at the Lethbridge Agriculture Research Station, all before getting married to a farmer.

As life changed and their commitment to the farming life changed, Darlene began working with a man named Ray who ran a greenhouse. Ray was looking to move into the wetland industry, so Darlene took over the greenhouse, bedding plants, trees, shrubs and the retail side of the business. “I just loved the growing, the planting the bedding” and worked at it for 10 years. “I did up hundreds- thousands of annual baskets of varying sizes.” She knows a thing or two about displays.

Her husband eventually got a job with the University in Edmonton and the greenhouse business was changing. Eventually, Darlene and her sons moved here, lucky for us. One day Darlene was at the University and “I thought who is taking care of these things? So I did some research and came across Greenjeans.”

Started with the exterior team, Darlene was soon snagged by Holly for the interior. She took over Edmonton Police Services and ATB Place and eventually evolving the atrium at Twin Atria. “I just love the work, really love the work.” and it shows Darlene, It really shows.  

Darlene is so into bugs she even dressed up as a Mealy Bug for Halloween-and won the office’s vote for best costume!


To join our team and learn from Darlene, send us an email! 

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