Bamboo Whisperer

Posted on April 7th, 2018

Ashley maybe one of our youngest employees but don’t let her youth fool you, she’s a wealth of knowledge. She is also the only one of us, strong, soft and patient enough to be called; the Bamboo Whisperer. We have thrown a lot of Bamboo Palms in Ashley’s direction over the years, and she has persevered. Palms seem to dislike our dry, sunny climate here in Edmonton, often getting spider mite infestations. But those little crawlers are no match for our Ashley.

Ashley in Her Own Words

How long have you worked for Greenjeans? 

3 years on April 20th! 

What made you get the job? 

I desperately wanted a job in a nursery for a really long time but instead I came across this position and it felt like the perfect match for me. 

What kinds of experiences have you had with Greenjeans? 

Too many. I swear I’ve been in them all. Embarrassing, hilarious, exciting, overwhelming and even many stressful situations. But you now what? That’s what keeps the job interesting and motivating. I’m always tackling different situations but always learning something new from them each time. 

Do you have loads of plants at home?

I have 22 plants in my apartment ❤

What have you learned working at Greenjeans? 

I learned to overcome my fear of bugs! That’s a major one for me. I actually find them quite interesting now, sometimes I find myself reading about those darn pests for too long hehe. Also learned that everything takes time. Whether it be trying to revive a plant or overcoming those tricky situations, everything takes tiiiiiiiime. 

What is your favourite thing about working at GJ? 

Nurturing and caring for the plants 100%.  plants don’t complain at you if something wrong, instead they show physical signs which makes it much more easier to remedy the problem . We’re really not that much different from plants. 

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